Save 25-50% on Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits. We're located in Newport Beach in Orange County, CA.

Save money on Group Health Care without Lowering Benefits!

Solana Insurance Services Cuts Employer’s Group Health Care Costs by 25-50%

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Cut Group Employee Benefit Costs by 25% – 50% without lowering benefits!

Tired of paying too much for your Group Employee Health Benefits?  Want to maintain benefits or offer better benefits to your employees while cutting your costs by 25-50% without even changing carriers?  Solana Insurance Services creates the opportunity for employers to partner with their current insurers. Employers are able to custom design a plan that best fits its employees and the employers needs. When insurers partner with employers it creates a more efficient outcome…Read more

Who We Are

Solana Insurance Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Orange County, CA by Hubie Laugharn in order to help employers solve the complex issue of providing comprehensive benefits packages to their employees.  Throughout that time, the business world has seen roughly a doubling of the cost to employers to provide employee benefits.  Solana Insurance has identified a unique approach that allows employers to partner with their current provider to reduce the cost of health care while maintaining or improving benefits to employees…Read more

We’ll give your company $100 If we can’t save at least 10% on your group health insurance  costs without lowering benefits!  (949) 374-3199!

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