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Solana Insurance Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Hubie Laugharn in order to help employers solve the complex issue of providing comprehensive benefits packages to their employees. Throughout that time, the business world has seen roughly a doubling of the cost to employers to provide healthcare and other benefits. Solana Insurance has identified a unique approach that allows employers to partner with their current provider to reduce the cost of healthcare while maintaining or improving benefits to employees. Fast-forward to the present and Solana Insurance Services now has a proven track record of impeccable service and an incredible retention rate among its clients who have saved thousands because Solana’s unique approach. Solana also offers a variety of other insurance products including individual health insurance, long term care insurance, life insurance, key man insurance, Medicare supplement insurance, as well as property and casualty insurance.

Group Health Plans Newport Beach

"Group Health Plans Newport Beach"

Save on Group Health Plans 25-50%. Call Solana Insurance Services, Inc. to find out out how! We are in Newport Beach, California.

Reduce your Group Health Insurance Premiums by as much as 30-50% while maintaining benefits!

We can help with your Small Business Health Plans Orange County.

Group Health Plans Newport Beach

Small business group health insurance and employee benefit plans for Southern California

Finally a good trend in small business group health insurance and employee benefit plans for Southern California!

Cut costs by up to 50% while maintaining benefits!

The rising cost of health coverage has impacted the ability of small businesses to offer affordable health coverage to employees.  In general, small businesses may be able to offer health coverage to employees, but they are unable to contribute as much to their employees’ coverage as larger companies.  This is a disturbing trend for public health advocates, as most new jobs being generated come from small businesses.

In the last several years, the subject of small business group health insurance and employee benefit plans has been extremely controversial to say the least.  Should the Government provide it?   Who should get it?  Who should pay for it? The issue is not getting any clearer or less expensive.  Large corporations will always be able to afford very lavish employee benefit packages for their executives, but most small businesses are feeling the squeeze.  Small business owners know a well appointed health care package is likely to add to their company’s appeal and assist in gaining more talented applicants while keeping the current employees happy.  But at what cost?  Staff morale is normally higher when an attractive employee benefit plan is offered, but the employer has to be able to afford it.

For many employers, group health insurance is perhaps the most important fringe benefit they offer because it’s advantageous tax-wise to both employers and employees.  Employers benefit because they get a tax deduction for offering coverage.  Employees benefit because compensation employers provide them with to meet premiums is  not taxed.  Plus the employee if paying or contributing normally pays a lower premium as part of a group.  The insurers are able to provide this coverage at a discount because they’re taking on a pool of insureds that they can spread the risk out among.

Most small business employee benefit plans are currently paid for as if everyone in the group hits their max out of pocket and reaches their deductibles.  However, study after study shows that the actual utilization of the plan is only a small fraction of that, meaning most employees within a group do not utilize their plan.  4-7 % of employees within a group will over utilize their health plan.  The vast majority will hardly ever use their plan.

Solana Insurance Service Employee Benefits and its Third Party Administrator (TPA) offer a way for small business owners to use this concrete fact to dramatically lower their group health insurance premiums and the yearly cost to offer employee benefit plans.

Located in Newport Beach, in the heart of Orange County, Solana Insurance Service Employee Benefits offers its revolutionary service to a steadily growing list of savvy business owners in Northern and Southern California who know that saving money on group health insurance means more money to the bottom line.  By taking a different approach, Solana is able to give small business owners the tools necessary to create a partially self funded plan just like large corporations use.  Solana and its TPA provide the management to reduce risk so that employers can sleep easy knowing that they are well prepared for any mishap that an employee may incur.  With Solana’s employer driven health plan approach, small businesses are able to provide attractive benefit plans for employees while reducing the costs dramatically.  On average, small businesses save 25 to 50% using this method, and  97% of businesses who try this approach since 1996 continue with it year after year.  The simple fact is that it works well and small to medium sized businesses can no longer afford to throw money away year after year.

Small business group health insurance

Call us today to find out more about this exciting new trend in small business group health insurance and employee benefit plans.  Call 949-285-7209 and we’ll give you a 20 minute presentation in your office.

Small Business Employee Benefit Plans Orange County

A case study of an Orange County small business that saved 58% on their group health insurance without reducing benefits.
In previous blogs, we have talked about saving small to medium sized businesses (2-300 employees) money on their group health insurance costs, and this week, we will review a recent example with some huge savings!  Our case study is a development company in Orange County in Southern California with 49 employees.   We’ll call them Company A and they have always offered a nice employee benefits package to their loyal staff.  Company A has had an annual group health insurance cost of $716,129, which has been increasing steadily by double digits for the last 10 years.
Solana Insurance Services Employee Benefits was able to enroll Company A in a lower cost plan while maintaining the same benefits for the employees that they had enjoyed in the past.   Now remember, as we have discussed in previous blogs, two different 10 year studies conducted by both Kaiser and Blue Cross of California (now Anthem Blue Cross) showed  that on average, 50-70% of employees within any given group simply do not use their health insurance, or use it extremely little.  4-7 % of employees within any group typically exceed their max out of pocket, or use the plan chronically.
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Employer Driven Health Plans

Employer Driven Health Plans for Small to Medium Sized Businesses in Orange County

Solana Insurance Services has been showing California employers in Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties how to save on the cost of group healthcare since 1998. We do this by showing employers how to create an Employer Driven Health Plan that puts them in control of the plan creation and spending.

The simple fact is that group health insurance premiums are going up in California and the rest of the country by double digits. The only option a business owner has had to avoid the premium increases is to reduce their employee’s benefits or pass the cost increases down to the employee. Some employers have been forced to eliminate their healthcare plans entirely. However using the Employer Driven Health Plan approach, an employer has the opportunity to reduce their healthcare cost without lowering benefits.

Why it Works
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Group Health Plans California

Why the Solana Solution Works

Reduce your Group Health Insurance Premiums by as much as 30-50% while maintaining benefits!

For the past 15 years employers have been faced with double digit increases in cost providing healthcare to their employees.  Estimates from the National Compensation Survey (NCS) indicate that the average cost for the private employer to provide health care insurance has risen from $1.03 per hour worked in March 1999 to $2.00 per hour worked in March 2009, a change from 5.4 percent to 7.3 percent of total compensation.

A major reason that insurance premiums continue to skyrocket is because we have a large aging base that continues to live longer. In effect, we all have to pay for the 85 year old that is taking $1,000 in meds every day.  However, Solana Insurances Services offers a new way for small and medium sized groups (2 to 350 EEs) to look at their insurance needs and by partnering with the insurers, a more efficient outcome can be obtained, with much lower premiums.
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Save on Group Health Insurance 25-50%. Call Solana Insurance Services, Inc. to find out out how!