Save 25-50% on Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits. We're located in Newport Beach in Orange County, CA.

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“Don’t put up with double digit increases in Group Health Care costs.” 

Solana Insurance Services

Cuts Employer’s Group Healthcare Costs by 25-50% while improving or maintaining benefits for employees!

Solana Insurance Services creates the opportunity for employers to partner with their current insurers. Employers are able to custom design a plan that best fits its employees and the employers needs. When insurers partner with employers it creates a more efficient outcome.Our patented products show employers how to take advantage of the proven fact that 50 – 80% of employees within any group do not use their medical plan.  Solana will help employers use this fact to reduce healthcare costs by 25 – 50% while maintaining or improving benefits for their employees.

Solana has a special Third Party Administrator (TPA) that focuses on small to mid-size companies (2 to 300+ employees) that offer employee benefits; health, dental, vision, etc.

Our concept shows employers how to substantiality reduce the cost of their group medical plans without reducing benefits.

Small Groups (2 -50) are able to access every insurer in the market including Allied National, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, United Health Care, Kaiser and many more.

Mid-Size Groups (51 – 250 +),  in addition to having access to all the insurers above, are able to set up exclusive relationships, offering specific/aggregate stop loss products with special deductibles as low as $10,000 and monthly aggregate amounts.

Solana brings Large Group partially insured programs to the Small and Mid-Size group marketplace.

Solana is proud to be a part of identifying the problem, creating a solution and carrying it through to save employers thousands of dollars each year while improving healthcare benefits for their employees.

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Hubie Laugharn, Solana Insurance Services, Inc.
Newport Beach, California