Obama Care summary for small business (Less than 50 employees)

By Hubie Laugharn

Small Group

PPACA (ObamaCare)

This is what we know as of 2-18-13 about Obama Care for Small Business

Employer does not have to provide health insurance and cannot be penalized. 

    • Small groups will be able to purchase group health insurance through the exchange. The exchange for small group is called S.H.O.P. within “Covered California”  (the name of the California exchange).

  • Must provide notice to the employees regarding the Exchange.
  • Max waiting period may not exceed 90 days. 30-60 day waiting period will have a $400 tax/fine.
  • Incentives for wellness participation increases to 30% from 20%.
  • Special payroll tax of .9% for employees with incomes over $200K.
  • A 60 day notice of any material modifications to employee’s health plans must be posted for the employees other than at the regular open enrollment.
  • A limit of $2,500 in salary deferrals for FSA plans.
  • In 2014, employer must file annual report with HHS on company and plan information.
  • Plans must cover minimum benefit package: The “Medal” plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Bronze / 60% (least expensive) plan- individuals will be responsible for 40% of the medical cost. Silver / 70% plan, the insured will be responsible for 30% of the medical cost. Gold / 80% plan and the Platinum / 90% plan
  • The max deductible on all plans will be limited to $2,000.
  • HSA health plans will still be able to continue with their high deductibles over $2,000, however; we feel that they may be deemed  “Cadillac” plans and as such, will be taxed 40% starting in 2018. In 2012 the tax for using HSA funds for non-prescription drugs was raised from 10% to 20%.

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Obama Care summary for small business

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